When it comes to working with your Financial Planner, David Loughnan, be set for an experience unlike any other you’ve had before!

You’ll find a level of passion, enthusiasm and caring that will leave you empowered to take action to improve your financial situation and your life!

David’s results speak for themselves. Having built his businesses from scratch, Elements financial Planning  is acknowledged by both clients and peers alike as a leader in accelerating their client’s wealth creation potential.

David hast vast experience ranging from being a tradesman, self-taught index trader, trading educator, index fund manager and financial planner.

David  has worked professionally with clients from all walks of life ranging from tradespeople and self- employed through to managers, high net worth individuals, large corporations, small business owners and multimillion dollar clients.

David treats everyone with exactly the same courtesy and respect…! He has a complete under- standing of the financial planning process.

David is happy to roll up his sleeves and work hard towards optimising and improving your financial and tax position by listening to your personal needs, objectives and concerns and providing professional solutions using his own expertise; and also surrounding himself with experts (from both a technical and admin perspective).

David will leave you with a feeling of financial success (not just security….), peace of mind and invigorated with a personalised ‘plan of action’ – a strategy to work toward a better financial future…!

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David, Donna and their 2 children

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