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Super is one of the most tax effective investments that can help you secure your retirement plans and increase your retirement wealth.

When was the last time you sat down to seriously think about your retirement options?

Most people never answer this question until it’s too late.

Statistics show that only 46% of workers have tried to figure out how much they need for a comfortable retirement whilst more than half of the nation has never saved specifically for retirement outside of compulsory superannuation.

HSBC’s Future of Retirement 2013 research shows Australians’ savings rates are among the worst in the world.

While we all know we need to be saving for our retirement, statistics show the actual opposite is occurring.

David Loughnan explains the first step is for you to accept responsibility for your retirement. Most people refuse to do so. It seems that this is not really necessary, after all Australia is the lucky country. Things will be right, mate!

That’s what most people think and that’s why you need to be different. Don’t trust your employer or some hedge fund manager to do what’s best for your retirement.

You need to be able to increase and decrease your contributions to suit your circumstances.

You also need to make sure that your super fund will take care of your dependants, when you die.

So don’t wait any longer start taking account of your present circumstances; ask yourself:

1. When do I expect to finish work?

2. When would I like to retire?

3. How much money will I need for comfortable retirement?

4. What options would I like to have in my retirement years?

5. What are my current Super contributions?

6. Remember to review your Super plan regularly.

Even if retirement is just around the corner for you, we may be able to provide you with a straightforward action plan that’s custom-made for your situation.

Working out how all of things affect you can be complicated that’s why we have a free consultation offer to make things easier for you.

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